10 Best Retail Employers for Women to Work for

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The list was created by surveying over 60,000 workers from companies with at least 1,000 employees. Close to 40,000 women were asked to rate their employers on salary, employee diversity, and working environment. They were also prompted to discuss if they would recommend their company to a friend or family member, and their responses were compared to the reactions of 20,000 men to identify significant differences in workplace perception.

Even though women currently make up 75% of the American workforce, they still encounter numerous challenges, including unequal pay, insufficient career advancements, and environments that don’t support their ability to be a caregiver for their families, leading them to make shifts that hinder their career for an improved work-life balance.

Forbes has partnered with research firm Statista for its annual ranking of America’s Best Employers for Women to better assess companies nationwide on their treatment of women within the workforce while providing women with a helpful resource to companies seeking to support them better.

The list comprised the 400 companies with the highest score and was based on the survey results of close to 40,000 women. Those who participated were asked to rate their employer’s approach to family-leave policies, training and growth opportunities for women, representation of women within management, pay equity, and discrimination. Statista did additional research surrounding women within executive leadership and holding board positions at each company.

Below, RIS took a closer look at the findings and pulled the top 10 retail employers highlighted in the Forbes list.

Costco was the top retailer, coming in at No. 7 overall on the list.

When looking at the RIS breakdown, Costco Wholesale topped the list of retailers, coming in at No. 7 overall after appearing as No. 379 a year prior. Beyond its employees, Costco also strives to include more women-owned businesses in its supplier chain, diversifying its offerings for its consumers. 

The No. 3 retailer was REI which came in at No. 2 overall last year and fell in the rankings to No. 26 in 2023. In 2022, REI reported increased representation of female employees at various levels within the company, including a 3% increase in their sales and customer support divisions and an almost 1% increase within their stores, distribution centers, and experiences divisions. 

Ikea, No. 189 last year, rose to No. 40 overall. The company has made significant strides in diversifying its top retail management, with 45% of its country CEOs comprised of women

Publix wrapped up the top 10 retailers at No. 133 overall.

Mary Benton, vice president of human resources, commented, “Publix is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, and we celebrate the strengths and contributions each associate brings to our company. We’re proud that our associates feel part of a culture where they can grow and thrive.”

The following retailers comprise the Top 10 best retail employers for women to work for. Click here for the Forbes complete list of America’s Best Employers for Women

10 Best Retail Employers for Women to Work for


  1. (Rank: 7) Costco Wholesale
  2. (Rank: 11) H-E-B Grocery Company
  3. (Rank: 26) REI
  4. (Rank: 29) Trader Joe’s
  5. (Rank: 40) IKEA
  6. (Rank: 89) Barnes & Noble
  7. (Rank: 99) Wegmans Food Markets
  8. (Rank: 115) ALDI
  9. (Rank: 125) Apple
  10. (Rank: 133) Publix

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