Ace Hardware Improves its In-store Merchandising

With more than 4,800 hardware stores locally owned and operated across the globe, Ace is the largest hardware cooperative in the industry. To help the cooperative improve category management visibility, drive planner productivity, and communicate with stores to distribute plans, Ace Hardware will expand its JDA footprint with JDA Space & Category Management solutions, which include  JDA Floor Planning,JDA Category Knowledge Base (formerly Intactix Knowledge Base), JDA Web Publisher and JDA Assortment Optimization

Ace’s existing JDA footprint includes JDA Space Planning, JDA Advanced Warehouse Replenishment as well as a broad implementation of JDA Demand and Fulfillment, where the initial implementation yielded a $27 million reduction in inventory and $475,000 annual savings in decreased space requirements.
“Inventory and selling space are scarce yet critical retail assets. To be competitive, you can’t make bad investments in either of them,” said Andy Voelker, director of Category Management and Retail Development, Ace Hardware Corporation. “While JDA Floor Planning and Space Planning will enable us to design plans to help our retailers maximize productivity of their retail space, JDA Assortment Optimization will improve our precision in selecting locally relevant products that best meet our customers’ varying needs without incurring costly overstocks.”
Historically, Ace Hardware relied on manual, spreadsheet-based planning processes for assortment and store layout planning. Improving the customer experience requires more floor, space, and assortment plans, so Ace also selected JDA Category Knowledge Base to simplify, support, and synchronize their category management data, plans, and processes. Not only will JDA Category Knowledge Base improve category management visibility and drive planner productivity, but with JDA Web Publisher, Ace will be able to more effectively communicate with stores and distribute plans and revisions.