Albertsons Companies Improves Analytics, Merchandising, and Supplier Collaboration

Grocery retailer Albertsons Companies has signed a multi-year enterprise-wide agreement with Symphony EYC for its Customer-Centric Retailing (CCR) platform, its supplier collaboration solutions based on the company's customer and merchandising data across its 19 banners, and its next generation integrated assortment, store and shelf optimization solutions. The CCR platform is expected to go live in the third quarter of this year and the integrated assortment platform will be rolled out progressively over the next several quarters.

The platform will provide Albertsons Companies category managers with an integrated suite of analytics capabilities and insights on demand, and also enable shared insights and collaboration with CPG suppliers, based on the combination of the company's customer and merchandising data and Symphony EYC's supplier collaboration tools and insights services.

Albertsons Companies will also roll out Symphony EYC's next generation, cloud-based customer centric integrated assortment, store and shelf optimization solutions enterprise-wide to transform assortment planning and execution at national and divisional levels, enable assortment localization, and assure store-level compliance.

"We are very excited to have Symphony EYC as our strategic Customer-Centric Retailing partner to help each of our divisions strengthen supplier collaboration and localized product assortments that customers want in our stores," said Shane Sampson, Albertsons Companies' Chief Marketing and Merchandising Officer.