Analytics Unite 2021 Powerhouse Co-Chairs: Yesway’s Gaskins & Johnsonville’s Gilson

RIS and CGT are thrilled to announce the two co-chairs for this year’s Analytics Unite 2021: Yesway CMO Derek Gaskins and Johnsonville VP and CIO Ron Gilson.

The theme of this year’s virtual summit is the Future of Business, with keynotes, sessions and share groups dedicated to exploring how retailers and consumer goods companies can build future-proof organizations thanks to next-gen analytic solutions.

Both Gaskins and Gilson are helping cultivate the event into an unforgettable and essential experience, and each co-chair took a moment to share why they’re so excited for AU and the value it will bring to the retail and consumer goods industries.

Watch them below, and register for Analytics Unite today!

Derek Gaskins

As CMO of Yesway, Gaskins directs all marketing, merchandising and procurement efforts for the brand, including building relationships with the retailer’s supplier vendors. In addition to leading efforts to establish a marketing and merchandising playbook to improve the organizations go-to-market strategic plan, he also further cultivates the growth and stewardship of the brand with a keen focus on its social, mobile, and loyalty initiatives.

Ron Gilson

Gilson has global responsibility for IT, project and portfolio management, and integrated business planning for Johnsonville, which he joined as a programmer/analyst in 1991. He’s served as CIO since 1998. From 2004 to 2009 he was the program manager for the deployment of SAP at Johnsonville, and in 2013 he took on responsibility for the implementation of a companywide Lean/CI program. In 2016 initiated and led the development and deployment of an IBP process.

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