Breaking Down The Top 100 Retailers in 2023

Despite economic pressures leading to store closures and layoffs, retailers are still thriving and expanding their offerings. RIS collaborated with wRatings for the sixth straight year to highlight companies prospering despite the ongoing volatility, looking closely at a company's investments and how their percentage of market share translates to their overall sales. 

This year’s list was revamped to focus only on companies in North America, which didn’t disrupt the top five but allowed room for advancement for other retailers, with retail giants like Alibaba Group and no longer eligible for inclusion. Below, we break down the Top 100, taking a closer look at everything from grocery retailers to e-commerce retailers and how they ranked within those subsets of the industry. 


specialty retailers

Specialty Retailers 

Mastering the niche makes a specialty retailer a specialty retailer, offering exceptional products and experiences that make them unforgettable for many consumers. By breaking out the Top 10 Specialty Retailers, we showcase the retailers using innovative strategies, like enhanced customer experiences or memorable events, putting them in a class all their own within the market.



Grocery Retailers 

Innovation and technological transformation stimulate growth within the grocery sector and is a theme clearly seen within our Top 10 grocery retailers. The list still contains supercenters like Walmart and Target, along with Amazon, which still has a strong brick-and-mortar presence with Whole Foods, but we chose to remove convenience stores to get a clearer picture of true grocers within the space.



E-Commerce Retailers 

With U.S. retail e-commerce revenue totaling $856.8 billion in 2022, convenience, seamless experiences, and endless purchasing options will continue to drive success for online retailers. The Top 5 e-commerce retailers are all adapting to the changing online shopping landscape, using tech-driven innovations and outstanding customer service to make waves within the digital domain.