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Consistent Store Execution Delivers Your Brand Promise

Perfecting your store execution to deliver a consistent brand experience across your retail enterprise is easier said than done. But making sure your stores have a consistent look, feel and atmosphere is very important in retail. Customers who walk into your store in New York should have the same unforgettable experience as those who walk into one in Seattle.

Over the last 18 months, stores have evolved drastically, becoming mini distribution centers, showrooms and billboards. It can be difficult today to balance the sell and non-sell activities involved in running a successful brick-and-mortar store. Additionally, the amount of tasking in store has increased now more than ever. Retailers are taxed to either increase labor spend or challenge the stores to do more with the same.

What's more, increasing communication has become a top priority for many retailers. Companies have been innovative and used technology to stay connected to their employees and customers alike. Virtual and telephone appointments, chat and discussion boards, and virtual store visits have, in some ways, made people feel more connected than ever before. Field leaders who used to be known for being mainly a coach to their teams are now regarded as mainly the communicator. For many reasons, it’s now evident that communication has become more important than ever.

During this virtual discussion, retail thought leaders share how to run a successful brick and mortar store, while incorporating communication.Read on for an overview of the chat and to watch the full conversation.