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Joe has been consistently named one of the top Influencers and Bloggers in retail by independent organizations. He is a frequently quoted source in business media and is also a frequent speaker at such conferences as the NRF Big Show, Shop.Org, and SXSW.



Why Online vs. In-Store Shopping Is Not a Binary Choice

Exclusive research explores the retail imperative to seize the pandemic pivot and implement a deeper blending of digital and in-store shopping experiences.

Modern Workforce Management: Delivering Productivity and Customer Satisfaction

A perfect storm of rising wages, tight labor market, and competition from the gig economy has triggered a tectonic shift in retail. To cope with these disruptions, retailers are implementing programs and technologies that focus on keeping employees safe, respected and engaged.

5 Pivotal Tech-Powered Strategies Shaping the Future of Business

Not all tech projects are solely focused on technology. The big ones involve an army of moving pieces. Three industry experts dissect the complexity of today’s top five tech strategies.

5 Myths to Bust about Post-Pandemic Tech Strategy

Retailers are urgently closing gaps and heavily investing in the supply chain, e-commerce and in-store tech, aren’t they? Not exactly, according to the 2021 RIS Retail Technology Study.

Social Justice Plays a Growing Role in Retail

Protests over mass shootings, attacks on Asian and Black Americans, and lack of diversity have roiled the retail landscape. In response, retailers are pledging action. Will shoppers buy it?

Why Retailers Are Learning to Love Robots

he pandemic lit a fire under retailers to expand the use of robotics, but COVID-19 is not the only accelerant. Advancements in AI, computer vision and sensing systems are also boosting bots.

Hip Hop Legend Inspires at RetailROI SuperFriday

Darryl McDaniels, superstar founder of Run-DMC, learned he was in foster care and adopted at age 35. His inspiring story exemplifies the mission of RetailROI’s SuperFriday event.  

Hello 2021, Farewell Year of Chaos

The year of chaos is finally ending. However, instead of doomscrolling, here’s a look at tectonic shifts and lessons learned that will continue to transform retail in 2021.

Who Are the Top Software Vendors in Retail?

There is one sure way to find out who the top software vendors in retail are –  checking out the 2021 RIS Software LeaderBoard. Here is an inside look at this year’s leading tech vendors in retail.