Tech Transformation Podcast: Reckitt’s Imteaz Ahamed On Generative AI and ChatGPT

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably been inundated with news and hot takes on generative AI, including ChatGPT. But what does it mean for retail and consumer goods? There’s a massive amount of potential, and it’s moving really quickly. We’re talking with Imteaz Ahamed, director of performance marketing of nutrition at Reckitt, about what it is, what the impact could be, and some of the really, really, really cool things in the future. 

Listen to learn: 

  • How generative AI like ChatGPT can impact retail and consumer goods
  • How optimizing performance marketing campaigns differs by platform, such as social media, search engines, or marketplaces (Gimmick alert: question written by ChatGPT!) 
  • Future trends or advancements in performance marketing that will be important for CPG brands to pay attention to (Question written by ChatGPT!) 
  • The startup we should all have our eyes on
  • The MACH Alliance and why Ahamed is an ambassador 


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On generative AI use cases in retail and CPG: “In terms of content generation … instead of just creating one piece of content for one particular use case, we can use the AI to create thousands of versions very, very quickly. And we can also create that content in multiple languages as well. One of the things that I'm particularly interested here in the U.S. market is the Spanish language, considering I work in baby formula, and one in three babies in the U.S. are of Hispanic heritage or have Hispanic heritage. We want to do way more things in Spanish, but to do that, we would effectively be doubling our costs if we did everything from scratch. But using AI, we can do all of this stuff and get to mass customization and personalization, without having to double the team size and double all of the budget. 

“The other piece where this gets really cool, and gets me really excited, is when talking about Spanish, how do I get to the native dialect of Spanish for every single region or zone within the U.S. that I'm targeting? So I'm not just talking English and broad American or broad New Jersey. How do I get to every single cluster that I want to go after the Midwest, New York, LA, etc., and speak in that local language at scale? And present my content in a way that really resonates with the audience?” 

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