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Tech Transformation Podcast: Unilever’s Juan Carlos Parada On Driving Value With Decision Intelligence

As Unilever continues to digitize its end to end value network and transform its supply chain to one that is customer-centric, it’s finding that decision intelligence is playing a key role in helping it gain speed and agility. In this episode of Tech Transformation, we’re talking with Juan Carlos Parada, global head of customer operations at Unilever, and Fred Laluyaux, CEO of Aera Technology, about their journey with this technology and where they’re taking it next. 

Listen to learn: 

  • The challenges decision intelligence can solve
  • Where it fits into Unilever’s complex and innovative supply chain 
  • How Unilever drives and grows user adoption and measures value of its use
  • Where the CPG stands out when it comes to its adoption and scaling of decision intelligence
  • What’s next for both Unilever and Aera Technology


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Parada: “We started this journey with Aera in 2019. Initially we selected six skills that were focused on supply chain planning in Europe. In the early days, our users didn't trust the recommendations. They were just skeptical and learning in the early steps, and this was leading to acceptance levels below 10%. Fast forward to today, we are seeing two other skills fully validated and being rolled out globally with levels of acceptance starting to exceed 65%.”

Laluyaux: “There is a growing community of practitioners in CPG and in other industries. So I think next for us is while we continue to enable that set of best practices to be rolled out, it's also to bring people together through a community. … We're still exploring. We're still doing things that have not been done before, and I think there is a big appetite today in the market to bring that knowledge together because the impact of this technology on sustainability, on the future of work is absolutely real.” 

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