Whole Foods Rolls Out Palm-Reading Payment Options at Select Denver Stores

whole foods interior

Whole Foods Markets in the greater Denver area will soon be taking contactless payments to another level, offering shoppers the option to purchase groceries with just the palm of their hands.

The retailer will make the Amazon One contactless checkout payment option available at 11 Colorado locations, including Belmar, Cherry Creek, Colfax, Colorado Boulevard, Governor’s Ranch, Highlands Ranch, Ideal Market Denver, SouthGlenn, Tamarac, Union Station, and Washington Park. In addition, the retailer will add smart shopping carts – Amazon Dash Cart – to its SouthGlenn location, making it just the fourth store in the country to implement this technology.  

Shoppers looking to pay with their hands must first link their palm and payment card at a participating kiosk or a point-of-sale station. Once this stage is completed, customers can check out by holding their hands over a scanner before exiting the store. Dash Cart technology follows a similar model, inviting shoppers to log in through a QR code in the Whole Foods Market app, add and scan items as they shop, then exit the store through the Amazon Dash Cart lane once they are done. 

In August 2022, Whole Foods Markets kickstarted one of the most significant palm payment and tech roll-outs to date, implementing the Amazon One-enabled contactless checkout solution across 65 of its California stores. 

Many other retailers are following suit. Back in March, Panera Bread announced it would be partnering with Amazon One to roll out contactless payment at select stores in Panera’s native St. Louis with plans to expand to additional locations over the next few months. The initiative was also designed to bolster loyalty-building efforts, with users who linked their MyPanera account to Amazon One able to make contactless payments and receive customized meal recommendations based on previous purchases. 

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