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5 Pivotal Tech-Powered Strategies Shaping the Future of Business

Not all tech projects are solely focused on technology. The big ones involve an army of moving pieces. Three industry experts dissect the complexity of today’s top five tech strategies.

Two practitioners and one consultant discuss the top five tech strategies today and explain why they are important and why they involve much more than technology. They are:

  • Lizzy Ellingson, chief digital experience officer for David’s Bridal,
  • Jamie Head, chief digital & technology officer for Ocean Spray
  • Brendan Witcher, vice president and principal analyst for Forrester Research

These experts appear in a panel discussion, which I will moderate, that is a featured session at the Analytics Unite event, a virtual summit for retail and consumer brands, on Thursday May 20 at 11:00 am EDT.

To register to attend this session click here.

The Top 5 Five Strategies

In the session, the three experts explain that in major corporations many big projects rely on technology for support, however the projects themselves are not strictly about commonly available software solutions, because there is no off-the-shelf-application or pre-packaged suite that solves the problem being addressed.

Many of the top five strategies require foundational elements such as a cloud layer, micro services, APIs, multiple databases, advanced analytics and the integration of cross-departmental applications and processes.

The top five strategies that will shape the future of business discussed in the session are:

  1. Personalization Experiences – online, in-store and marketing.
  2. A Unified View of the Customer – integrating data across all channels.
  3. Advanced Analytic and Data Capabilities – next-gen tools that deliver predictive and prescriptive recommendations.
  4. Bridging Digital and In-Store Experiences – converting stores into omnichannel environments.
  5. Loyalty Programs That Uniquely Fit Customers – moving away from traditional points programs.

During the session the experts will offer insight into how their companies are managing these strategies, provide case study examples, and recommend best practices as a starting point or a way to achieve a new level of success.

The Analytics Unite event features a strong agenda, one-to-one conversations, and prizes for participation. Outstanding speakers include:

  • Abdul Raheem, chief data scientist for Mondelez
  • Cameron Davies, chief data officer for Yum Brands
  • Derek Gaskins, chief marketing officer for Yesway
  • Clay Johnson, chief digital & technology officer for Yum Brands
  • France Roy, chief technology officer for AB InBev
  • Jack Phillips, founder and CEO of International Institute for Analytics

For a complete list of speakers and sessions click here. To register for the event click here.

Join me and an outstanding panel of retail experts on Thursday May 20 at 11:00 am EDT for a lively discussion of the top five strategies in retail today. See you there. 

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